Hango Mustard

Hango Strong has strengthened its position as one of the premium mustards in the market. A genuine and slightly sweet taste of mustard with its flavours in a familiar blue tube is a favorite for many friends of mustard. It’s a classic that can be used when seasoning in a traditional way.

Hango Prima is an interesting new organic mustard that fills the gap in cooking created by our latest food trends. The tastes of Mediterranean kitchen need to be accompanied with a more dry and sour flavor. For example, Hango Prima makes an excellent and tasty combination with chorizo or tapas cocktails like lamb and vegetables cooked in a trendy style. Prima can also be used in dressings and it’s a great fit to first early seed potatoes salad and gravlax.

Prima is packed in a bright yellow tube. A new classic in the making!

Hango Mustard is a product which has not compromised mustard's original substance. Quality raw materials and a balanced product enable this mustard to be used in food preparation to a larger extent than is normal. It is excellent in fish, poultry and game dishes. Obviously it belongs on top of a sausage.